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Mary Theresa Dietz, Artist

Artist's Statement

I have been doing art long enough now to notice that every ten or so years, my subject matter and to some extent, my style go through a pretty big change. I began my art career in the 70s, doing clay sculpture, which changed to figurative surreal painting in the 80s. Then in the 90s, I did a lot of plein air Tucson townscapes along with some still lifes and figurative work. The turn of the century brought another change to animal imagery in painting, print-making, and papier-mâché sculpture. Lately, I have been including the unidealized human face and combining painting and sculpture and now I am doing a series of large abstract paintings. I don’t feel that I have a lot of control in what I get inspired to create, but I love to experiment and I never stop learning.

My work is all about aesthetics, and my aim is not to make statements, social comment, or illustration, rather I want to arrest the viewer with a visual feast.

Mary Theresa Dietz 2021