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Mary Theresa Dietz, Artist


Oil Paintings Oil Paintings Tibetan Fox oil stick on canvas 20"x24" 2012 I wanted to do a Tibetan Fox after watching a nature documentary about them on TV. They really do have these big heads and wise expressions. 172921460 Death's Head oil stick on canvas 20"x24" 2012 Inspired by the Death's Head Moth 172921461 Summer Pasture oil stick on canvas 20"x20" 2012 172921462 Hot Dog/Chilly Dog oil stick on canvas 20"x16" 2012 172921467 The Handsome Tree oil stick on canvas 36"x30" 2011 173072339 Bunny Love oil stick on Claybord 16"x20" 2011 173072346 Emperor 48"x48" oil stick on canvas on canvas 2009 Inspired by the Emperor Moth 173902893 Gila Monster oil stick on canvas can be displayed at any angle 24"x36" 2009 173902896 The Golden Goat oil stick on canvas 36"x48" 2007 173902897 The Stag oil stick on canvas 30"x40" 2010 173902902 White Raven oil stick over collage on canvas 16"x20" 2010 There really are white ravens. 173902906 The Lion The Lion (Asiatic Lion) oil on canvas 36"x36" 203084473 End of Summer The End of Summer oil stick on canvas 16"x20" 203084474 Rusty Blackbird with Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon oil on canvas 20"x24" 203084476 The Black Sheep oil on canvas 20"x20" 203084478 The Hound of Armory Park The Hound of Armory Park oil stick over acrylic texture on canvas 6'x7' 203084479 Scarab miniature oil on canvas 5"x5" 203084480 203084481 Ginger in the Garden oil on canvas 40"x30" 203084484 Gnawing the Bone 203084486 Pastoral Nocturne oil on canvas 30"x48" 203084489 Phoebe in the Sunflowers oil on canvas 20"x24" 203084491 Post Destiny oil on canvas 36"x36" 203084492 Tiki Gods oil on canvas 14"x18" 206481955 Rain Spirit casein, soft pastel, oil pastel, on canvas 24"x20" 206481956 206481957 206481958 Passage to Reality oil on canvas 20"x24" 206481959 Dawn oil on canvas 24"x30" 206481960 Omphalos oil on canvas 48"x36" 206481961 206481962 206481963 Red Fish oil on canvas 16"x20" 206481964 Sinistral Sinistral (done entirely with my non-dominant hand, the left hand) oil on cradled birch 24"x20" 206481965 Tashi oil on wood 14"x11" 206481966 The Wisdom of the Night oil on cradled birch 24"x12"x2" 206481967 Felandia oil, cold wax on canvas 16"x20" 206481968 The Musician oil, cold wax on canvas 16"x20" 206481969 Elegy for Schubert oil, cat whiskers, on canvas 24"x24" 206481970 A Wild Hare enamel over aluminum, framed 16"x20" 206481971 Takhi (spirit horse) oil on canvas 30"x40" 206481972 Voiceless Choir oil on canvas 24"x36" 206481973 Dad 206481974 206481975 206481976 206481977 206481978 206481979