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Mary Theresa Dietz, Artist


Sold Work Sold Work Memorial oil stick on canvas 24"x30" 2012 I had heard that black birds have been observed congregating in a certain spot where a relative or companion has died, as if holding a memorial. I planned this painting with the idea of having a representative from several species of black birds for this "funeral". The day after I began the painting, my brother-in-law died suddenly. So I call this painting, "Memorial". 171889210 Madonna and Child oil stick over collage on canvas 30"x20" 2011 172921455 Beethoven and Schubert oil stick and glitter over collage on canvas 36"x36" 2010 Beethoven is my favorite composer, hands down, and Schubert is my wonderful cat. 173849401 206481808 206481809 206481810 206481811 206481812 206481813 206481814 206481815 Waiting for Breakfast oil stick on canvas 24"x24" 2011 At a favorite cabin by a lake, these ducks stop by in the early morning for breakfast. 172921496 Portrait of the Artist with a Big Rack oil stick on aluminum 24"x30" 2013 My first oil stick on aluminum 173902886 206481816 206481817 203084261 206481818 206481819 206481820 Chameleon oil stick on canvas 16"x20" 2010 173072340 206481821 206481822 Calico oil stick on canvas 16"x20" 2010 173072341 206481823 206481824 206481825 206481826 The Clowder oil stick on Claybord 18"x24" 2011 A group of cats is called a clowder. 173072347 206481827 206481828 206481829 206481830 206481831 206481832 Empyrean oil stick over collage on canvas 30"x40" 2010 Empyrean is highest heaven. 173902895 Mr. Fat Cat oil stick on canvas 36"x48 2006 Mr. Fat Cat is a real cat I knew some time ago. 173902899 Reunion oil stick on canvas 24"x30" 2009 173902901 The Tree of Life oil stick on canvas 48"x48" 2009 173902903 Turtle oil stick on canvas 24"x24" 2009 173902904 Young Green Sea Turtle oil stick on canvas 24"x30" 2009 Inspired by a trip to Hawaii where I got to see a Green Sea Turtle cleaning station in the sea. Certain little fish clean the turtles of parasites at the station. It was a highlight of the trip. 173902907