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Mary Theresa Dietz, Artist


Oil Paintings

OIL PAINTING I generally use oil sticks for my oil paintings. Oil sticks are oil paint in stick form. They are sometimes known as pigment sticks. Rather than using a paint brush, I draw with them. Sometimes I use tube oils along with oil sticks and sometimes I add linseed oil to oil sticks. I paint with many layers of color and texture, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. Some of my larger paintings take a lot more than 30 hours to complete. Oil sticks paintings are oil paintings and are very durable and only need wiping gently with a damp cloth when dusty. As with any oil painting, it is best to keep oil stick paintings out of direct sunlight. Avoid direct contact of the surface with hard objects. Note: Oil sticks are not the same as oil pastels. Oil pastels are made with an oil that never dries. Oil sticks, as with other oil paints, are made with oil that does dry.
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