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Mary Theresa Dietz, Artist

Pet Portraits

I try to make pet portraits that are not just pet portraits, but serious works of art. You may be a bit startled by the results at first, but in the long run, I think you’ll be more satisfied than with an ordinary pet portrait. Your work of art is done on stretched canvas and shipped unframed. The sides are painted and can be displayed as is. The canvas is deep so it looks good that way, but of course you can frame it as you wish. A rigid frame will keep a large canvas from warping.

To feature your pet in a work of art, first contact me. Then send me several clear photos from different angles. Be sure the whole pet is in at least some of them. Rather than copy a photo, I take aspects from a number of images and create a new image. I ask that you give me free rein to create a piece of fine art using your pet as muse. If you have a limited collection of images of your pet and can’t get more, send what you have and I’ll see what I can do. If you live in or around Tucson, AZ, for a small fee, my husband can take appropriate photos at your home. Your photos will be returned with your finished portrait. You can also send digital images via Email. They must be around 1MB Jpegs. 

I ask for 1/2 of the total price before beginning the portrait. I’ll send a digital image of the finished painting to be approved by you. When I receive the balance due, I’ll ship the painting to you.

Sizes and prices are as follows:

16"x20" $550.00

20"x24" $650.00

24"x30" $750.00

36"x48" $1,100.00

After two pets, each additional pet on one canvas is $50.00 extra. Shipping and handling is extra. If you want something in a different size or different medium, contact me with your request.

It is hard to say how long each portrait will take, but 1 month would be a good guess. I retain the right to use the image of your portrait for advertising, merchandising, etc.

I also do people portraits for those who live in and around Tucson, AZ. I prefer to do these live rather than from photos. Contact me for an appointment.